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Strategic Planning

For some companies, strategic planning is an exercise establishing minimum standards for day to day operation re-visited annually but not an integral part of decision making. However, when it comes to capital expansion projects, a strong strategic plan helps integrate the company goals, branding, objectives, business and service plan with capital assets, acquisitions, planning and campus management. Do mission, vision, and values clearly integrate with location, campus, facility, and project direction?

We can help:
  • Align your branding with facility investments
  • Lead re-branding of acquired or renovated properties
  • Develop mission critical goals to help measure acquisitions

Design Science, R&D

One of the best ways to validate a project plan is through study. Hosting workshops focused on engaging all user groups for the project establish good, open lines of communication and commitment. Case studies that support planning, program and project initiatives provide opportunities for learning . Research and development can help educate teams on changes needed to prepare for successful utilization of the new environment. Understanding the key data that shapes the financial investment is crucial for the long term success of the project.
We can help:
  • Identify and collect data specific to your business plan
  • Identify best practices working with process improvement teams
  • Capture real time data through on-site observation and monitoring 

Master Planning

Master planning integrates program, campus, asset and project development with community, transportation, access, identity, and overall jurisdiction requirements. Of paramount importance, the master plan must capture and plan for each user group--from visitor to employee, student, athlete, patient, family, delivery and support service representative. Comprehensive planning is crucial for the safe, secure utilization of the campus and its facilities. 

We like to think of it as a massive communication plan. It is a living document that requires upkeep.
We can help:
  • Update existing master plans
  • Verify neighborhood and community concerns
  • Manage campus expansion plans

Project Management

Scope, schedule and budget must establish and maintain a project's direction. From project identification, phasing and packaging though procurement and occupancy, we can assist the owner at every phase of a project and preform as an extension to the owner's team. We pre-qualify all needed team members for the owner utilizing a mature network, strategic associations, and 
proven relationships.
We can help:
  • Develop, monitor and administer scope, budget and schedule
  •  Assist and inform contract negotiations with all team members
  • Coordinate and oversee activities of all consultants during each project phase


IO&T stands for initial outfitting and transition. Sometimes government sector and private sector services and solutions are not well known to each market area. But the IO&T concept utilized by the military is extremely applicable in today's private sector project delivery process. "Speed to Market" solutions are prevalent today and a great candidate for IO&T services. All the services needed for this collaborative approach can be accessed through Gina Berry Collaborative, PLLC.
We can help:
  • Determine the service gaps in your delivery process and propose solutions to fill them
  • Coordinate equipment planning, procurement and delivery by market or service 
  • Develop a complete plan for opening, occupancy and initial operations

Site Selection & Evaluation

Site selection starts with consistent evaluation of proposed locations and potential properties. Initial consistency is key, but understanding the real issues with each site or property is essential. We can help identify and coordinate an expert team from land use and civil disciplines through infrastructure, structural, enclosure, and below grade forensics to communicate site specific conditions.
We can help:
  • Identify local area experts for team development
  • Conduct comprehensive evaluations of site and building conditions
  • Identify process needed for coordination with AHJ and local development advocates

Equipment & System Planning

Today's technology and yesterday's systems present numerous issues with campus improvement projects and system coordination. Early study, comprehensive data collection and goal setting for each major system is essential for long term cost management. Long term, life-cycle costing and short term project costs are often in conflict. To address all system goals--both long and short term-- requires early planning and sometimes a phased approach. 

"Knowing what you've got and when."
We can help:
  • Identify subject matter experts for system specific analysis 
  • Coordinate goal essentials with phased solutions
  • Evaluate "out of the box" solutions for future initiatives and system migration

Transistion Planning

How do you move from the old into the new? How will the old processes work in the new environment? We can help in the reorganization and consolidation of existing facilities and/or the opening of new facilities. We will focus on the efficient transition of functions and personnel to new locations, including day-in-the-life training exercises and performance improvement studies. Together, our teams can minimize surprises--even if it is a just a staff relocation across town.
We can help:
  • Develop, document, communicate and oversee move-in
  • Manage changes as they happen
  • Staff appropriately for "go live" implementation

Post Occupancy Evaluation

Post Occupancy Evaluations are important for many reasons including fine tuning new buildings, developing new facilities and managing buildings with "issues". However, they are essential in our on-going education of what works well and what doesn't as our environments continue to evolve. These evaluations and observations can also prove invaluable for maintenance, replacement, purchasing or supply policies and communication. 
We can help:
  • Conduct one on one interviews with end users
  • Develop surveys for distribution and data collection
  • Research, develop, and communicate outcomes based on ROI

About Us

When trying to describe what my company does, I start with a question: “Have you ever been to the symphony?"  I serve as conductor and my team fills the role of musicians in 
the orchestra. 

As project leaders, we demonstrate many of the same skills …the ability to lead a group of experts, the ability to coordinate the efforts of each of these experts, the ability to keep these experts with their individual talents and areas of expertise focused on the goal. We keep them working harmoniously, with great timing, to achieve their goal. We are loyal and also very accountable to the patron or owner…playing always for a return performance that exceeds the last.

My objective is to lead a group of experts focused on creating the right solutions for project
initiatives in today's market. I have crafted my career to help me think “like an owner” and to
better understand the responsibilities and decisions faced by project owners-- whether 
a healthcare system, an educational system or a municipality planning a new 
campus expansion.  

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