Company Overview

Gina Berry Collaborative, PLLC is a professional limited liability company established to provide an array of professional services to supplement project teams during the project delivery process. We work as an owner's representative or as consultants to the design and construction team. We focus on the services described on this website including planning, project management, project research and development. We serve in leadership and supporting roles from site selection through design, construction, and occupancy. We are a woman owned small business enterprise pursuing the path for WBE and WMBE designations at the local, state 
and federal levels.

In working in the field of design and construction in different roles over the last 25 years, I have served as architect, program manager, and full time manager of the owner's team.

I have been so fortunate to wear these different hats, work for strong companies, be a part of great building programs and experience some amazing facilities because of team efforts.

I am ready to help the owner be more successful, more prepared for the projects ahead.

I am ready to study and collect data.

I want to help our clients and our combined professions -- architects, engineers, project managers, construction managers, contractors-- learn more about the impact we make in our environments and communities

I am working with a small group of specialists that can work with your teams to enhance and extend the services offered.

I have developed this company based on ideas you have shared with me.

Together we are stronger. Together we can innovate.

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